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Sales Quick Start

Sales Quick Start

Do You Want A Predictable System For Selling Your Offers Without Feeling Awkward, Icky, or Pushy?

Once you have your business up and earning, you'll want to set up your business to grow sustainably. To do that, you'll need a clear system for selling your offers consistently.

That's where Sales Quick Start comes in!

Sales Quick Start is an in-depth masterclass where we dive into the five-part framework for consistent sales and sustainable growth in your business.


Develop your signature system, your "special sauce" that sets you apart and makes it crystal clear why your ideal customers want to work with and buy from YOU.

What you'll walk away with: Your roadmap for consistently – and predictably – helping your clients achieve results


Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset so that the doubts, challenges, and frustrations that come with this journey do NOT have to hold you back.

What you'll walk away with: Mindset hacks to help you embody the entrepreneur and business owner that you are becoming.


Build buzzworthy awareness and interest that gets potential customers lining up around the virtual block to work with you.

What you'll walk away with: An effective process for building brand awareness and winning over new/potential customers.


Create a comprehensive and compelling product ecosystem that enables you to serve your clients better, longer.

What you'll walk away with: A beneficial product ecosystem with products & services that solve the challenges and pain points that your target customer is facing.


Plan, price, and position your offers so that they'll support (not compete) with each other and maximize each customer's lifetime value.

What you'll walk away with: A pricing and positioning strategy that aligns with your specific brand goals.

🚀 Instant Access to the On-Demand Recording 🚀


While watching the replay make sure you are engaged, present, and have your pen & notebook ready to take notes. This is your chance to follow along with me and actually complete your tasks - no overthinking or procrastinating allowed. Implement as you go along!


You will get the best results if you do the work as we move through the five-part framework during the class. The replay of the 90-minute class has been broken down into a separate video for each part. This allows you to refer back to the different parts without having to search through the entire masterclass.


I see you over there.👀 Excited about taking the leap and getting your business up and earning. And, secretly worrying about how you'll create the income you want with your side hustle. That's what makes Sales Quick Start a natural next step. Because sales are what bring in the income.

PLUS, THERE'S MORE! ... Check Out These Bonuses!🥳

Quick Start Tools & Resources List 

Online businesses are run with tools. You'll need tools for booking appointments, taking payments, collecting email addresses, delivering webinar presentations, content hosting for digital products and courses, landing pages, and so much more. It can be super confusing trying to decide which tools are the best for you so I've taken the guesswork out of it with my personal list of tools and resources for your business.

Customer Journey Map 

For each of your offers, you'll want to map out an intentional journey that your customer will go through. This Customer Journey Map template comes with a printable version, editable PDF version, and also an example that's been pre-filled. Use this to decide exactly how you will move your customers through your value ladder from the moment they discover you to the moment they ascend to another offer.

Quick Start Sales Webinar 

Sales webinars are one of the best ways to engage your audience, educate your prospects, and offer your products and services. In this Quick Start Sales Webinar bonus, I'm giving you a basic webinar outline for structuring your presentation. You'll also get basic webinar tips for creating a useful presentation that seamlessly sells your offer.

Join The Sales Quick Start Masterclass

Part 1: Developing Your Signature System  - Valued at $197

Part 2: Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset  - Valued at $197

Part 3: Building Awareness & Interest  - Valued at $197

Part 4: Creating a Compelling Product Ecosystem - Valued at $197

Part 5: Planning, Pricing, and Positioning Models - Valued at $197

Plus Get Exclusive Bonuses ONLY Available To Sales Quick Start Buyers

  • My black book list of business tools valued at $47
  • The Customer Journey Map valued at $97
  • Basic Webinar Outline & Tips Sheet valued at $97

Total Value = $1226

Normally = $297

Today's Price = Only $97!

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